Mission & Vision

Intersects Network Program Missions and Visions:

Stop School Bullying Program Mission:

We aim to end bullying and violence by educating school districts with district specific data we collect on what the root causes of bullying and violence in each school and grade are, while also empowering communities with de-escalation tactics and preventative methods.


Stop School Bullying Program Vision:

To create a free LMS for parents, teachers and students to learn de-escalation and preventative methods to stop bullying and violence before it starts, and to be able to hire college students to host de-escalation training sessions in schools for the prevention of bullying and other forms of school violence.


Intersects Helps Mission Statement:

To create a world where everyone has equitable access to community resources by distributing resources and creating such changes in the least included communities.


Intersects Helps Vision:

To create a world where individuals have equitable access to community resources regardless of race, region, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or religion.