Intersectional Equity Maricopa

To create a world where all individuals have equitable access to community resources regardless of race, region, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or religion

Stop School Bullying

The Stop School Bullying Program is our current focal initiative for 2024


Our approach asks why are we, the public, consistently responding to school violence by arguing about guns or banning guns or stacking security

When we need to be focusing the discourse and action towards prevention, de-escalation, and community engagement

Intersects Helps

Summer 2023

During the scorching summer of 2023, Phoenix experienced record-breaking heatwaves that tested the limits of the city’s residents and its infrastructure. Soaring temperatures posed an especially grave threat to the vulnerable unhoused communities struggling to endure the extreme conditions. In this critical juncture, “Intersects Helps,” emerged as a lifeline.
Recognizing the urgency, the organization ramped up efforts, providing essential aid by distributing food and water to the unhoused population three to four times a week. Unwavering commitment played a pivotal role in alleviating the hardships faced by those without shelter, emphasizing the indispensable importance of community-driven initiatives during times of crisis.

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Lbs of food distributed: Summer 2023